Leading with vision and commitment

Sharad Wala

Sharad Wala immigrated to America 30 years ago with a vision of having higher education and eventually developing Intercontinental Trade. After studying at City University of New York, Sharad successfully developed commerce in various Imports to the U.S.

Being artistic by nature, in later years Sharad achieved a marked career as Event Director in Global Entertainment Events and International Awards related to Film, Fashion as well as Music, encompassing Iconic artists from the U.S. as well as other parts of the World. Also participated with NJ Film Festival Committee as well as Miss Worldwide events as Technical Director.

Coming from a very successful Event Management background, Sharad has consistently focused on dedicating his hard-core experience towards Non-Profit organizations and been instrumental in putting together major Fundraisers associated with noble causes. Worked closely with UNICEF, the United Nations, City of New York Cultural Events as well as served as an Ambassador to a key U.S. charity serving less fortunate children, a count in millions who are seeking Primary Education and a famed U.K. Charity supporting financially challenged students pursuing Fine Arts. How many people are better off because we lived…..has been the direction of his life, Sharad has consistently gravitated towards activities which can make a positive difference to the society.

Currently working as U.S. Director for a globally known licensed U.S. brand, Sharad continues to support Charitable Causes.