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Transportation Services for Seniors

Mission Statement


Our mission is to help families transport their loved seniors safely. Whether you are traveling to a doctor's appointment or need to accomplish daily activities, we provide compassionate assistance throughout our senior transportation services by offering same flexibility as driving while keeping seniors safe on the road.

About Us


HelpingHand365 strongly believes it is a social responsibility to take care of our seniors. A concerning statistics as well as a demographic monster says that 65 and older population is projected to be over 70 million by 2030 from 46 million in 2015. As our seniors age, ailments circle around them. Aging Seniors find it severely challenging to stay mobile. Seniors hesitate to talk or even think about not being able to drive and take care of primary needs. Eventually physical or mental limitations make them unsafe on roads while no other way of getting around.

We fill the gap of personal transportation for seniors with our reliable options and make them independent of social and logistical challenges by offering them easy access to our transportation services. Care and comfort does not have to be compromised by individuals confined to traveling even in a wheelchair. Our Mobility Assist Vehicles are equipped with hydraulic wheelchair lifts, which securely transports Seniors with wheelchairs in and out of vehicles safely. Our drivers are sensitive to the special needs of Seniors and provide the utmost in care and understanding.