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Transportation Services for Seniors

Our goal is to reduce the stress by providing compassionate assistance throughout the entire process. Our senior transportation services offer same flexibility as driving while keeping seniors safe on the road. Our certified and experienced drivers are dependable and caring while your seniors stay safe while they are mobile.

At HelpingHand365, our goal is to promote the availability and accessibility of transportation options for Seniors with disabilities due to above diseases. Seniors have driving challenges and their mobility is severely affected which results in their mental depression further escalating complications. Our mission is to break down mental barriers for Seniors and offer them access to their transportation needs and improve quality of their life.

We think beyond-the-box.....the ease and access to safe and reliable transportation for Seniors also provides support to their caregivers due to the additional responsibility towards their loved ones which can also impact the caregiver's health and well-being.

Dementia and Alzheimer's Diseases in Seniors.....numbers are staggering.....

One in four older adults experiences a mental disorder and one of them is Dementia, a non-reversible decline in mental function. Alzheimer's disease and related Dementias in 2014 was 5 million people and this number is projected to grow to 13.9 million, nearly 3.3 percent of the population in 2060. Dementia encompasses several disorders that cause chronic memory loss, personality changes or impaired reasoning, Alzheimer's disease being just one of them and the most common form of dementia.

In an estimated 60-80 percent cases, these diseases slowly and irreversibly destroys memory and thinking skills. Due to such cycle, Seniors are incapacitated to even accomplish basic yet important tasks of life like a medical appointment or daily activities due to inability to drive.

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